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About Us

An onshore Financial services firm with expertise in trading Unlisted securities, Bonds, NFO’s, etc. We also present opportunities to invest in stocks & markets globally, which are undervalued.

We serve as a market place for investors to buy in into Unlisted stocks / Securities of companies globally which are far more attractive than their trading price in the market (cause of a valuation disparity). This might be because of the existing trends in the market or several other external / internal factors. This is not just the fate of a few companies but also the fate of a number of Markets / Indices worldwide. We understand the technicalities of it. If a market consists of the top companies of the country & it still is underperforming for several years in a row, the world calls it a bear trend. We try & get to the back end of it to understand why. Perhaps there could be a bear trend, or probably the sentiments in the markets might be negative, or there might be huge options being traded in the market which might not allow the markets to move in either directions dramatically.

We are the market makers when it comes to trading in unlisted securities in India as well as globally. Its only post our due diligence about a Stock / Market we take this to an investors table.

We can help you with the valuation of your unlisted securities / stocks and also help you trade them in the market. By doing so, we have concluded transactions of more than $150 million over the past 8 years.

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