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About Us

An Onshore wealth management company with expertise in Private Equity, Alternative Funds, Real estate investments and Stocks Advisory.

The USP of is you will find entry into Financial products which is not available through your Banker/AMC or IFA. We strive to bring opportunities to the table which would add significant Alpha to your portfolio.

Our second biggest vertical is quite contradicting to the first one. Wherein here we advise people on Disinvestments. We provide exit strategies for clients who have their monies locked in RE/PE Funds.

By doing this perpetually over the past 6 years we have acted as a market place for buyers and sellers for these Financial instruments. Perhaps the first of its kind in the country.

By doing this we have not only helped thousands of Investors with liquidity in their tough times but have also opened a window of opportunity for niche investors who find value in these kind of Alternate assets.

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