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Secondary Transfers

Trade in lock in Products: As an Investor if you have liquidity issue in a lock in product with a tenure of 1-10 years we help you to exit at a decent valuation by transferring your Private Equity investments/Structured Products/Fixed Maturity Plan to prospective buyers wishing to enter into such schemes via secondary transfer route. Our team scouts for investors who wish to buy such investments. Thus you could redeem your close ended/ lock In Private Equity investment by entering into an off-market transaction facilitated by us with a prospective buyer and we would have your existing units transferred to such buyers.


Financial Services

Valuation of Lock in Funds: In case you don’t intend to trade your Private Equity investment, our team will help you obtain valuations for your locked-in investments which in turn would help you liquidate in times of need.


Wealth Management

Financial Advisory: Our experts across industry give an unbiased strategic view of your existing portfolio across different asset class (Commodities, Private Equity/ Alternative Investment funds, Mutual Funds, Insurance Products, Real estate, Stocks), Its helps you time your entry and exit for different sectors /asset class.

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