Unlisted stocks are stocks that are not formally traded on an exchange. They usually belong to unlisted companies and are traded over-the-counter. Also known as OTC securities, they’re typically handled by market makers who facilitate the exchange process.

Why Should You Invest in Unlisted/Pre-IPO Stocks?

  • One of the biggest issues with listed shares is the volatility factor. The prices are highly unstable and can go up or down in a blind of an eye. This can put a lot of pressure on investors who are always worried about share prices. While prices of unlisted stocks go up and down, the prices remain relatively stable compared to listed stocks.
  • Unlisted/Pre-IPO Stocks are typically overvalued or undervalued for a long period of time. This is largely due to them not being very liquid. Thus, if you can invest when the asset is undervalued, you make good returns on your investment.
  • Diversification is important to mitigate risk. Investing a part of your income in unlisted stocks can help diversify your portfolio and secure your investment.
  • There are scores of profitable, well-run unlisted companies waiting to be discovered. Unlisted Kart has a team of professionals that is always ready to answer all your questions. Call 080-41317466 today to speak to an advisor and know more about unlisted stocks.

We currently offer the following stocks:

  • Metropolitan Stock Exchange
  • Hero FinCorp
  • HDB Financial Services
  • Nazara Technologies
  • Barbeque Nation
  • Lava Mobiles
  • Fino PayTech
  • Catholic Syrian Bank
  • Indofil Industries Ltd
  • Tata Technologies
  • Utkarsh