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Risk Factors

An investment through Unlistedkart’s platform will involve risks not associated with other investment alternatives. Prospective investors should carefully consider, among other factors, the risks described herein. These risk factors are not meant to be an exhaustive listing of all potential risks associated with an investment through Unlistedkart’s platform. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives will be achieved, or that there will be any return of capital. An investment through the Unlistedkart platform is a potentially suitable investment only for sophisticated investors who are capable of assuming the risks of such an investment, including the potential risk of losing all of their invested capital. These risk factors are not a complete enumeration or explanation of the risks involved in investing through the Unlistedkart platform. Prospective investors should consult with their own advisers prior to making any decision to invest through the Unlistedkart platform. There is no assurance that any of the companies we invest in will go public soon, if ever, nor are there any assurances that the securities of those companies will become publicly traded or unrestricted. Private investments are not appropriate for all investors. This asset class involves a high degree of risk, volatility, and illiquidity, beyond that associated with traditional asset classes. Investors should have the financial ability and willingness to accept the risks (including, among other things, the risk of loss of their entire investment and the lack of liquidity) that are characteristic of these types of investments. Investors should consider private investments a supplement, comprising a modest portion of an overall investment strategy. Investors are solely responsible are advised before making an investment decision with respect to any UNLISTEDKART displayed equity to review carefully the respective offering documents (including any relevant underlying agreements), and the related subscription documents regarding the Funds and are responsible for performing such due diligence as deemed appropriate, including consulting their own legal, tax, ERISA, and financial advisers. Any information provided by UNLISTEDKART and its affiliates should not form the primary basis of the investment decision. This material is based upon information UNLISTEDKART believes is reliable. However, UNLISTEDKART does not represent or warrant that it is accurate, complete, and/or up-to-date. UNLISTEDKART does not accept any responsibility to update any opinion, analyses or other information contained in the material. Material provided by UNLISTEDKART is for your general information only and solely to assist you in deciding whether to proceed with a further investigation of the Funds. It is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security, which can be made only through the delivery of formal offering document(s) which include, among others, a confidential offering memorandum, limited liability company operating agreement, subscription agreement, and related subscription documents. Such formal offering documents contain additional information not set forth herein, including information regarding certain risks of investing, which such additional information is material to any decision to invest in the Funds. The information contained herein is based on certain assumptions, hypotheses, estimates, and anticipated outcomes which may or may not be true. This Website contains forward-looking statements, including observations about markets and industry and regulatory trends as of the publication date of this Website. Forward-looking statements may be identified by, among other things, the use of words such as "expects," "anticipates," "believes," or "estimates," or the negatives of these terms, and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements reflect the Funds' views as of such date with respect to possible future events. Actual results could differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements as a result of factors beyond the Funds’ control. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such statements. No party has an obligation to update any of the forward-looking statements on this Website. Charts, tables, and graphs contained in this Website are not intended to be used to assist the reader in determining which securities to buy or sell or when to buy or sell securities. Performance may fluctuate, especially over short periods. In this Website, performance results are shown the net of all fees and expenses (such as transaction costs, management, performance, administrative and any other fees and expenses applicable to the Funds) and may reflect the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. Statements made herein that are not attributed to a third-party source reflect the views and opinions of UNLISTEDKART. No representation is made that any investor will or is likely to achieve results comparable to those shown or will make any profit or will be able to avoid incurring substantial losses. The past performance of UNLISTEDKART, its principals, partners, or employees, or any of the securities referred to herein is not indicative of future returns. Performance results are generally net of applicable fees and reflect reinvestment of profits. Investment returns will fluctuate and may be volatile, especially over short time horizons. The Funds' investment strategy involves investments for which no public market exists. Little public information exists about many of these investments, and the Funds will be required to rely on its diligence efforts to obtain adequate information to evaluate the potential risks and returns involved in these investments. Therefore, the greater risk that the Funds may invest on the basis of incomplete or inaccurate information may adversely affect the Funds' investment performance, which could impact both initial and ultimate valuations. This could subject the Funds to greater risk than investments in established publicly-traded companies or businesses and negatively affect the Funds' investment returns. The Funds may not be able to secure shares in some or all of the securities that have been targeted for purchase. If the shares are not accessible, the Funds will not be able to execute their investment strategy. There is no assurance that the Funds' diligence efforts will result in an investment being successful. There is no guarantee that UNLISTEDKART will be successful in achieving the Funds' investment objectives. An investment in the Funds contains risks, including the risk of complete loss. Any performance reflected herein is estimated, is based on incomplete information and is subject to change. Actual results, when available, may differ. Given the nature and number of companies underlying these securities, the Funds should be considered a more volatile and risky investment. The returns for the Funds have not yet been audited and may change as a result of audit. Any trademarks or business names in this Website are included solely for informational purposes and, in certain cases, as examples of companies in the asset class in which the Funds may invest, and any such trademarks and business names are owned by their respective trademark owners. While the companies represented by such trademarks and business names may be invested in by the Funds, there is no guarantee that such companies will be invested in by the Funds.

Confidentiality Agreement

This Confidentiality Agreement (the "Agreement"), effective as of the date of your acceptance by clicking the appropriate button below (the "Effective Date"), is by and between you (the "Recipient") and Unlistedkart LLP. WHEREAS, in connection with Recipient's consideration of a possible transaction (the "Transaction") relating to certain investment opportunities presented by Unlistedkart LLP. or its affiliates (the "Disclosing Party" and such investment opportunities, the "Investment Opportunities"), the Disclosing Party has provided certain information which is non-public, confidential, or proprietary in nature; and WHEREAS, the Disclosing Party wishes to protect and preserve the confidentiality of such information. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, terms and conditions set forth herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows: 1. For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms have the following meanings: 1. "Evaluation Material" means all information, data, documents, agreements, files and other materials, whether disclosed orally or disclosed or stored in written, electronic or other form or media, which is obtained from or disclosed by the Disclosing Party or its Representatives before or after the date hereof regarding the Investment Opportunities and the Transaction, including, without limitation, proprietary analysis regarding the Investment Opportunities, and information and documentation relating to the Transaction and the operation of the Disclosing Party's business platform. The term "Evaluation Material" as used herein does not include information that: (i) at the time of disclosure or thereafter is generally available to and known by the public (other than as a result of its disclosure directly or indirectly by the Recipient or its Representatives in violation of this Agreement); (ii) was available to the Recipient from a source other than the Disclosing Party or its Representatives; or (iii) has been independently acquired or developed by the Recipient without violating any of its obligations under this Agreement. 2. "Person" means any individual, partnership (whether general or limited), limited liability company, corporation, association, trust, members of joint venture entities or other entity. 3. "Representatives" means, as to any Person, such Person's affiliates, and its and their respective directors, officers, employees, managing members, general partners, agents and consultants (including attorneys, financial advisors and accountants). Other terms not specifically defined in this Section 1 shall have the meanings given them elsewhere in this Agreement. 2. The Recipient shall keep the Evaluation Material strictly confidential and shall not use the Evaluation Material for any purpose other than to evaluate, negotiate and consummate the Transaction. The Recipient shall not disclose or permit its Representatives to disclose any Evaluation Material except: (a) if required by law, regulation or legal or regulatory process, but only in accordance with Section 5, or (b) to its Representatives, to the extent necessary to permit such Representatives to assist the Recipient in evaluating, negotiating and consummating the Transaction; provided, that the Recipient shall require each such Representative to be bound by the terms of this Agreement to the same extent as if they were parties hereto and the Recipient shall be responsible for any breach of this Agreement by any of its Representatives. 3. Except for such disclosure as is necessary not to be in violation of any applicable law, regulation, order or other similar requirement of any governmental, regulatory or supervisory authority, the Recipient shall not, and shall not permit any of its Representatives to, without the prior written consent of the Disclosing Party, disclose to any person the existence or contents of this Agreement. 4. The Recipient understands and agrees that none of the Disclosing Party, the Company or any of their respective Representatives: (a) have made or make any representation or warranty hereunder, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the Evaluation Material or (b) shall have any liability hereunder to the Recipient or its Representatives relating to or resulting from the use of the Evaluation Material or any errors therein or omissions therefrom. The parties agree that unless and until a definitive agreement between the Disclosing Party and Recipient has been executed and delivered with respect to the Transaction, the Disclosing Party will not be under any legal obligation of any kind whatsoever with respect to the Transaction, including any obligation to (i) consummate a Transaction, (ii) conduct or continue discussions or negotiations or (iii) enter into or negotiate a definitive agreement. The Disclosing Party reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals made by the Recipient or on its behalf with regard to the Transaction, to terminate discussions and negotiations with the Recipient at any time and to enter into any agreement with any other Person without notice to the Recipient or any of its Representatives, at any time and for any reason or no reason. 5. If the Recipient or any of its Representatives is required to disclose any Evaluation Material, by law, regulation or legal or regulatory process, the Recipient shall take all reasonable steps to preserve the privileged nature and confidentiality of the Evaluation Material, including requesting that the Evaluation Material not be disclosed to non-parties or the public. 6. At any time upon the Disclosing Party's written request, the Recipient shall promptly, and in any event no later than ten days after the request, return all Evaluation Material (including all copies, extracts or other reproductions) to the Disclosing Party or certify in writing to the Disclosing Party that such Evaluation Material (including any Evaluation Material held electronically) has been destroyed. Notwithstanding the return or destruction of Evaluation Material, the Recipient and its Representatives shall continue to be bound by their obligations of confidentiality and other obligations hereunder. 7. To the extent that any Evaluation Material includes materials subject to the attorney-client privilege, the Disclosing Party is not waiving, and shall not be deemed to have waived or diminished, its attorney work-product protections, attorney-client privileges or similar protections and privileges as a result of disclosing any Evaluation Material (including Evaluation Material related to pending or threatened litigation) to the Recipient or any of its Representatives. 8. This Agreement shall continue for a period of three years after the Effective Date. 9. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Karnataka, India. 10. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement regarding the Evaluation Material, and supersedes all prior negotiations, understandings and agreements. No provision of this Agreement may be modified, waived or changed except by a writing signed by the parties hereto. 11. If any provision of this Agreement, or the application thereof to any Person, place or circumstance, shall be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable or void, the remainder of this Agreement and such provision as applied to other Persons, places or circumstances shall remain in full force and effect. 12. Neither this Agreement nor any of the rights or obligations hereunder may be assigned by any party without the prior written consent of the non-assigning party. Any purported assignment without such consent shall be void and unenforceable.

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