Unlisted shares

Be informed about stocks in private and startup companies, like private equity giants or venture capitalists.

Choose tomorrow's heavyweights through our research

We have a team of expert researchers who analyse primary market and economic data, monitor venture capital deals and unlisted equity to spot the most suitable private entities.

Lower Volatility Possibility
According to public information and history, Unlisted stocks are less likely to fluctuate compared to their listed version. These are run in line with the listed stock market and are often not influenced by investor panic.
Allocation Confirmation
A majority of the promising IPOs are over-purchased. There is a high probability that shares are not being allocated to clients. As far as unlisted shares are concerned, clients already possess the shares before IPO. Thus, this risk is avoidable.
Growing Valuations Report
The valuations of private companies increase greatly before listing. So, clients are more likely to enjoy the returns by having such shares included in their portfolios.

Partner with the world’s biggest VCs and PE firms

Our proficient and experienced analysts offer research statements on handpicked firms and their stocks that have dealings (investments) from large private equity companies and reputable venture capitalists.

When big private equity players and well-known venture capitalists invest in a firm, they look for the following things:

  • Management expertise
  • Potential market
  • Potential For a listing for a possible large exit

Moreover, VC funding aids in attracting the best brains in the world of business. These well-known companies are there to make a mark in the near future.. At Unlistedkart, we also provide research reports on equities of traditional private firms. These are companies that do not have VC funding, but have enormous growth potential.

Featured Shares For Research

Our Unlisted shares-related research reports are highly vetted and assorted by our amazing team of expert analysts. The range of research report portfolios, we offer varies from top-notch tech facilities to traditional companies. Let's take a quick at some of the many research report stocks we offer currently:

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Unlisted shares are the talk of the town. Investing in unlisted shares is becoming increasingly popular among astute investors. Here's what India's leading publications have to say.