Why pre-IPO Allotments Matter 

Pre-IPO or Unlisted Shares

Investing in companies before they go public can turn out to be a multibagger. But several investors both retail and institutional still don’t seem to be aware of how to go about investing in private equity. The key is to look out for promising, cutting-edge companies who are conducting private sale of large blocks of […]

Difference Between a DRHP and RHP – Your Complete Guide

When companies provide investment offerings for sale, they are required to file a formal legal document with the government financial securities regulator with information for retail or institutional investors. It provides details of the company and the IPO for investors to make an informed decision. Its contents include information around the management team, disclosure of […]

A Guide to Family Offices(Things You Must Need to Know)

Guide to Family Offices

Ever wondered how the ultra rich, high-net worth folks manage their money? They usually set up a ‘Family Office’ that takes care of important matters like succession, tax and managing the estate. In other words they outsource certain responsibilities pertaining to their finance and investments to a group of trusted individuals.  There are two types […]