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At Unlistedkart, it's all about the culture of innovative investing. From collaboration to positivity and commitment, you can see these values in every pillar of our company. And this is what makes UnlistedKart one of the most rewarding places to work.

A Work Culture That Celebrates Growth, Zeal, And Positivity

At UnlistedKart, we encourage the talent, capability, and dreams of our people. At the end of the day, it’s the performance of your workforce that decides the success of your company.

With an aroma of success in the air, Unlistedkart is driven to do better each time. We believe that our people add value and make us stronger. Hence, we celebrate every milestone we achieve, no matter its significance.

We also believe that a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Making our workforce feel good about their contributions is crucial for us. At UnlistedKart, we enjoy appreciating, sharing, celebrating, and working hard together as a team, all while meeting the unique requirements of our valuable clients.

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Culture At Its Core

Sky's The

At Unlistedkart, we pride ourselves on being an open and interactive workspace that encourages cross-organizational dialog. When communication is unrestricted between coworkers, they can give their 100% commitment towards the companys goals because there are no boundaries enforced within this environment. This benefits everyone involved in any way, shape, or form.

Positivity Always Wins

There is no doubt that Unlistedkart's team members are passionate about what they do. From the intense discussions during strategy meets to finding creative solutions for challenges faced by clients with goosebump ‘eureka’ moments and brain-grinding project nights, nothing stands a chance in front of this packed room full of vibrant people.

Keeping Togetherness Is Progress

We follow a collaborative culture that creates an environment where everyone's voice is heard. From our partners and clients to each team member, we work together as a cohesive unit because there are no egos here - just thoughtful collaboration!

A Company That Cares

Support For Our Female Employees

Our inclusive approach to paid maternity leave recognizes that families are constantly changing and evolving. We want our female employees, regardless of their life journey stage or family size, to feel included in the workplace with a support system throughout it all. Employees are compensated for any time they take off during pregnancy through paid maternity leaves.

Ensuring Good Health

At Unlistedkart, we believe that people are the most valuable resource. That's why our healthcare coverage ensures the healthy living of our employees and their loved ones through medical insurance and access to mental health support activities while also providing wellness leaderboards and healthy meals.

Keeping It

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustles of life, but it is important that you take time for yourself. At Unlistedkart, we provide flexible work schedules so our employees can find a balance between their personal lives and professional obligations without feeling guilty about neglecting either one. There are also outcome-based KRAs and hangover holidays.

Where Work Meets Fun

Diversity At Our Core

We are committed to building a diverse workforce that mirrors the world around us. Our female employees make up almost 40% of our team and we offer skill-based compensation instead of gender-based hiring practices. So, no matter your background or skill set, there's room for you here!

Having A Ball

Unlistedkart is a company that works hard and plays even harder. We know how important it is to have fun in the workplace. This motivates us to provide quarterly offsite events/trips for employees and weekly activities to keep them engaged and interested throughout their workdays. Our team takes time away from office life so that everyone can relax together.

Curiosity Is Our Fuel

We foster a work environment where our employees can continuously challenge themselves and grow. We don't just want them to challenge themselves every once in a while; we motivate and inspire those around us with this constant desire for self-improvement. This ensures satisfied clients and happy coworkers alike!

No Geographical Restrictions

The company's expansive network of employees across the country provides us with a strategic advantage. Since there are no geographical restrictions for employees – several employees travel across the country for various meetings. This gives them immense flexibility.


The story of our employees is what makes us a successful company. So we want you to get to know the people who make up this family and learn more about where they come from!


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