Our Mission

Unlistedkart is a Technology first Unlisted Equity Market-Making platform, Enabling Wealth Managers & Investors To Generate wealth Using Opportunities Yet To Be Discovered By Broader Markets. We are a SEBI registered Research Analyst with a proven track record creating liquidity solutions for our clients.



We are the front-runners in the Indian Unlisted Market with Over $30M In Transactions in the unlisted space, private equity & AIFs. We are trusted by the most prominent financial institutions, HNIs, and Business Houses in India.


Providing a safe and secure medium for transactions is our top priority. So, we ensure that all transactions take place via an ultra-secure system.


Transparency holds an exceptional value for us at UnlistedKart. We provide investors with adequate information and research documents to help them take the most rewarding decisions.

Our Company

Being a consistent value creator for our clients over the years, Unlistedkart is regarded as India’s safest and trusted marketplace for investors to access Unlisted shares/Pre-IPO equities.

With the fast-paced scaling of new-age companies, we have successfully created non-interfering efficient capital from Ultra HNI & Family houses/Wealth Management firms to give immediate liquidity to founders/and early supporters of such startups. Any wealth outfit or bank that has institutionalized investing into Unlisted stocks works with us at a central level.

We are SEBI registered research analysts, and we run a well-equipped research desk that gives out neutral research reports on scrips in private markets, which would help you make an informed decision.

We place a prime focus on investor education, empowering all investors with adequate research, details, trends, and policies in the financial markets.

In the News

Unlisted Shares are the talk of the town. Investing in Unlisted Shares is becoming increasingly popular among astute investors. Here's what India's leading publications have to say.

Why Invest In Secondary Market?

Diversification by investment stage, geography, industry sector, fund manager and vintage year.

Reduce capital-at-risk through quicker return of capital and lower ‘J- Curve’ effect

Superior risk-adjusted returns due to mature, well-invested portfolios

Discount to primary buy-in rates

Insight into the strategies of primary fund GPs

Access to 'Invitation'-only funds that are available to limited primaries

We Have Successfully Completed Transactions Worth Over 250 Cr With 10000+ Clients.

Why You Should Invest In Unlisted Shares?

Lower Volatility Possibility

Allocation Confirmation

Exponential Growth Potential

Growing Valuations Report

Exclusive Neutral Research Reports

Our Model Portfolio Of Unlisted Shares Has consistently generated 40% IRR over the years.

Why Invest With UnlistedKart?

Up-front pricing with no hide and seek gigs

Quick turnaround time

Trusted brand by the largest banks & wealth outfits in the country

100% safe and secure business processes

Transparency at its best

Value-based products and services

We have 50+ Unlisted companies to choose from to invest in.

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