India’s VC Funding Grew Four-Fold in 2021

Angel Investors VS Venture Capitalists

How India’s VC funding grew four-fold in 2021 Individuals with a business idea or a new technology often have a hard time raising funds due to the high risk involved during the onset of a business. Investments or credit for founders on comes with high rates of interest from banks and a great deal of […]

India is Home to 26,500+ Angel Investors

Who are Angel Investors

For Startups India is Home to 26,500+ Angel Investors According to Fortune India today is home to a 26,500+ strong community of angel investors with members comprising of private investors and successful entrepreneurs. This is indicative of a fast-maturing ecosystem that has increasingly become mainstream due to factors like successful listing of startups in the […]

Private Equity, Debt Securities, Fund of Funds, Hedge Funds and PIPEs


Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) differ from regular investment asset classes such as stocks and debt securities. AIFs are privately pooled vehicles that are structured to rope in high net worth investors with an appetite for high risk and are attracted to high returns. AIFs include private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, angel funds, infrastructure funds, […]

Venture, Angel, Infrastructure, and Social Funds


What is Venture, Angel, Infrastructure, and Social Funds As the global economy recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in Indian venture capitals and private equities too reached a record high, touching $77 billion in 2021. This was a significant 62% higher than 2020’s $47.5 billion. And as demand for digitising grew India’s start-up ecosystem recorded […]

What are AIFs and The Rise of India’s HNIs

what are aifs, aifs

AIFs and the rise of India’s HNIs Stocks, bonds, and cash are what experts might call convention investment categories. On the other hand, alternative investments include private equity, managed futures, art and antiques, venture capitals, commodities, and derivative contracts. Some may even extend the definition to include real estate.  More formally, alternative investment assets are […]

Classes of Shares and Why They Matter

Classes of Shares

A listed company can go a step further and differentiate between its ordinary shares based on the level of voting rights it makes available to its shareholder. These differentiated categories are known as classes of shares – each class representing shares that come with pre-defined voting rights.  Companies choose to do this for an array […]