Grey Market Premium- What is Grey Market and GMP

Grey Market Premium, Grey Market ipo,

A Close Look at Grey Markets Grey or parallel markets are spaces where shares of a company are bought and sold outside of official stock exchanges. So if unlisted companies want to test out how much demand there would be for their IPO, they usually do so in the grey market. This also gives them […]

Private Equity’s Future in India

Private Equity's Future in India

What is The Private equity’s future in India In India, FY2021 Saw an Average Equity Fund Size of $94 million. Despite the Russia-Ukraine war, the looming threat of a COVID-19 fourth wave, US Federal Reserve’s rate hike, shrinking global tech valuations, exiting foreign portfolio investors, slipping Rupee value against the US Dollar, and uncertain public […]

2021: The Bull’s Year for Private Equity Markets

Private Equity Markets

According to a report by SP Global Market Intelligence, 2021 saw investment activity in the private equity market graze past the trillion-dollar mark for the very first time. 24,520 deals, averaging to the tune of $1.04 trillion were closed. The growth of private equity is also reflected in deal volumes that grew by 41.65% over […]

Angel Investors VS Venture Capitalists

With India’s startup ecosystem growing at an exponential rate, venture capitalists and angel investors would give an arm and leg to know which nascent business could be the next Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, or Tesla. Founders too have been left dizzy with the increase in windows to funding with little clarity on which investment route might […]

History of Private Equity

The Brief History of Private Equity The history of private equity can be traced back to 1901 when J.P. Morgan and Co bought out Carnegie Steel Corporation for $480 million. After merging the corporation’s assets with other companies, J.P. Morgan became the largest company in the world.  Merchant banks like Morgan were forced out of […]