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As a division of Reliance Industries Ltd., Reliance Retail Ltd. is the largest and most successful omnichannel retailer in India. 


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About Reliance Retail Unlisted Shares

Everything You Need To Know About Reliance Retail Unlisted Shares Price.

The company, which opened its first location in Hyderabad in 2006, today has a chain of 12,711 locations throughout 7000 Indian cities. Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd., owns 99.93% of the unlisted company's Reliance Retail Shares.

The expansion of Reliance Retail over the years has led to a remarkable socio-economic revolution in India.

The retailer with the quickest growth rate in the world is Reliance Retail. It is the only Indian retailer to appear in the Top 100 and is ranked 53rd on the list of Top Global Retailers. With the broadest reach, it is India's biggest and most successful retailer.

Over 640 million people visited all of its stores in FY20, a scale unrivalled by any other Indian retailer. Reliance Retail conducts more than 100,000 transactions every hour, a volume unmatched in the Indian retail sector.

Key highlights of Business for notable investors

The largest and most successful retail company in India, with a presence in 7000 cities and a 34 million square foot store space.

A diversified retail presence across several store types, including neighbourhood shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesale cash & carry stores, and online shopping, in the groceries, consumer electronics, fashion and leisure, and jewellery sectors.

Attractive growth investment potential is given that organised retail market penetration in India is currently at a low 11% (FY2019) and is anticipated to increase to 18% (FY2024). Over the next five years, the Indian retail market is expected to increase at a 10% annual rate

International companies such as Diesel, Superdry, Hamleys, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Marks and Spencer have exclusive retail business agreements.

Backed by prestigious investors, including KKR, Mubadala of the UAE, and Silver Lake Partners!

Reliance retail performance in the FY 2020-21

Reliance Retail performed successfully last year despite the spread of COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed by the Indian government. Reliance Retail generated 1,55,209 crore in revenue on a consolidated basis, compared to 1,60,965 crore the year before.

Store closures (80% of stores are still open), decreased foot traffic (65% of last year), and operational hiccups throughout the year all had an impact on sales.

The company produced a consolidated EBITDA of 8,373 crores for FY 2020–21 as opposed to 9,518 crores the previous year, driven by prudent cost control actions and the steady recovery of income streams.

The company's profit after tax was 4,587 crores as opposed to 5,540 crores the year before.

Financial parameters

Particulars (in INR Cr.)

March 2021

March 2020













Share calculation

Unlisted Shares of Reliance Retail Limited = 3400 (as on 05.05.2022)

600 crores in weighted average shares before dilution.

Basic valuation: 20 lakh crores (Reliance retail Unlisted share price)

Reliance Industries is currently valued at 19 lakh crores as of May 5, 2022, and reliance retail share price in the grey market is trading at 20 lakh crores in the unlisted market. The main causes are the extremely limited share supply and high demand in unlisted markets.

Reliance Industries, according to news reports, plans to unleash value by bringing Reliance Retail and JIO public. Additionally, the Reliance Retail IPO price would be $8 billion. So, it is significantly overvalued at its present valuation of -20 lakh crores.


Transactions involving unlisted shares occur in the secondary market with the current owners of the shares, who are typically current employees or investors in the company. The business itself has no direct involvement.

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SWOT Analysis of Reliance Retail Ltd.

SWOT Analysis of
Reliance Retail Ltd.


It is an Indian retail chain with over 900 locations across 80 Indian cities.

Consisting of hypermarkets with 95,000 stores offering laundry, shoe and watch repair, and tailoring.

Its private label brands are many.

It has a robust distribution system, with more than 1,600 channels in rural areas.

The parent company's strong support


Despite the availability of a wide range of products, there are fewer SKUs due to ineffective back-end infrastructure.

There are certain locations with poor inventory control.


Given that there will be five times as many farmers in the next five years, purchasing directly from them could result in higher profits.

Utilizing brand recognition to promote themselves further

Using a robust supply chain, there are a lot of opportunities to lower operating costs in cities.


Globally fierce rivalry from huge retail brands in the West.

Operation expenses are excessive and can lead to risks.

Competition like Walmart is the largest rival in terms of sourcing and backward integration.

If you’re looking to Buy
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Reliance Retail Ltd., we’d love to help.

If you’re looking to Buy
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Reliance Retail Ltd.
,we’d love to help.

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