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Flipkart began operations in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Binny and Sachin Bansal, both graduates of IIT Delhi, started it. Flipkart began its journey by selling books on its site.

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About Flipkart Unlisted Shares

There exists a story that the company's founders themselves drove their scooters and carried the book to deliver the first order. Later, they extended into new product categories such as lifestyle goods, home goods, and consumer electronics fashion. The company mostly contends with Snapdeal and Amazon

Flipkart is currently India's largest e-commerce site, offering 8 billion products across more than 80 categories. It has 10 billion registered users, the capacity to fulfil 80 million orders each month, and 1 billion page views each day.

Walmart purchased it in 2018 for a staggering 1 lakh crore for a 77% interest in the business. The largest transaction in India's history took place here. In that deal, Flipkart was valued at around $20 billion.

Stocks of Flipkart can only be purchased in lots.


In late 2011, Flipkart acquired a number of digital distribution-related businesses, including Mime360.com and the Bollywood portal Chakpak's digital content repository.

May 2012. Letsbuy, an online electronics merchant, was purchased by Flipkart.

In 2014, it paid 2000 crores to acquire the fashion label Myntra.

In 2016, Flipkart paid roughly $70 million to acquire Jabong through its subsidiary Myntra.

Upcoming IPO

Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce subsidiary of Walmart, has increased its internal IPO valuation target by almost a third to $60-70 billion and is now planning a US listing in 2023 rather than this year.

Flipkart's internal strategy is to enhance valuations further by concentrating on two of its relatively new sectors — online healthcare services and travel bookings — is the key reason for delaying the IPO.

In the thriving Indian e-commerce market, Flipkart, a rival of Amazon.com Inc., had previously set an IPO valuation target of $50 billion.

The IPO valuation objective might be as high as $70 billion, while anonymous sources suggested it might be between $60 and $65 billion.

Flipkart believes there is a greater valuation potential than was initially anticipated. The travel industry has already begun to produce promising results for them.

The IPO planning comes in the wake of escalating complaints from brick-and-mortar stores in India that Amazon and Flipkart ignore federal restrictions and favour a select group of sellers, claims both companies reject. A number of eCommerce sector laws that India is developing could worry global industry behemoths.

Walmart's largest deal to date saw it pay approximately $16 billion for a roughly 77 percent interest in Flipkart, and later that year it announced plans to float the business in four years.

Flipkart share price in India

As of FY2021-22

Total Available shares:

Not Available

Face Value:

INR 10 per Equity Share


As with every share, a certain level of risk does come with purchasing stock. Hence purchasing any stock, including that of Flipkart can be risky if you are not familiar with the market. 

Rules and regulations of SEBI are applicable in the Unlisted space like lock-in period of 6 months, paying of Stamp Duty, and DP Charges for every transaction etc.

SWOT Analysis of Flipkart Share Price

SWOT Analysis of
Flipkart Share Price


Flipkart has a strong business hold and is well established as a household name

It has strategic acquisitional power

It has its own delivery and payment platforms.


Flipkart has limited distributional power

It has spent quite a lot on acquisitions


Flipkart can expand to global markets easily due to the Walmart factor

It can improve upon its supply chain system

It can also expand on its current products


Regulations could pose a threat to Flipkart

Competition as big as Amazon could undermine them as well