The ESOP Guide | Part 4 Lifecycle of ESOPs

The ESOP Guide | Part 4

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are set up to give employees an opportunity to own stocks in their companies at negligible or at a discounted cost. This is primarily done to encourage and motivate eligible employees to work towards the organisation’s success and meet profitable goals. ESOPs typically become part of Employee Incentive Programmes and […]

The ESOP Guide | Part 3 Decoding tax for ESOPs

ESOP Guide

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) allow employees to own equity shares of the company or take part in a profit-sharing scheme. How does this benefit employees? To begin with, owning shares could generate remuneration that surpasses an employee’s pay package. And this can become a major source of motivation for employees to work towards the […]

The ESOP Guide | Part 2 How ESOPs work as a talent magnet! 

Types of ESOPs

While the key objective of running a company is to secure profits, there has been a slight shift in how organisations prioritise their key goals. Today there has been much-needed attention paid to the wellbeing of employees and how they get incentivised for the work they do. One innovative way that has been gaining popularity […]

The ESOP Guide | Part 1 Types of ESOPs

Types of ESOPs

The next big target for the Indian startup ecosystem would be to reach $25 trillion by FY 2025. The government has put forth several initiatives to reach this goal and to also make the startup space a mass job creator. After all, India has the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem according to NASSCOM.  However one of […]

Why pre-IPO Allotments Matter 

Pre-IPO or Unlisted Shares

Investing in companies before they go public can turn out to be a multibagger. But several investors both retail and institutional still don’t seem to be aware of how to go about investing in private equity. The key is to look out for promising, cutting-edge companies who are conducting private sale of large blocks of […]

Difference Between a DRHP and RHP – Your Complete Guide

When companies provide investment offerings for sale, they are required to file a formal legal document with the government financial securities regulator with information for retail or institutional investors. It provides details of the company and the IPO for investors to make an informed decision. Its contents include information around the management team, disclosure of […]

Things To Look Out For Before Investing in a Tech Startup IPO

Before Investing in a Tech Startup IPO

Things to look out for before investing in a tech-startup IPO Looking back at 2021, tech startups in India have mopped up $20 billion this year by going public. It was also the year that saw several unicorns turn into public companies. Some notable names include Zomato and Paytm who floated IPOs worth $1.1 billion […]

The IPO Rush of 2021: Explained

2021 has so far seen 49 companies float Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to raise ₹1.01 lakh. This is touted to be the most raised through IPOs over the last 20 years. November 2021 alone saw eight IPOs that included FSN E-Commerce Ventures that runs Nykaa, parent company of Policybazaar — PB Fintech, One 97 Communications […]

Difference Between Listed and Unlisted Shares: A Brief Guide

difference between listed and unlisted shares

Investors world over are soon beginning to understand the true potential of unlisted stocks. Investing in Employee Stock Option (ESOPs), Portfolio Management Systems (PMS), and getting wealth managers to invest in pre-IPO companies have almost become buzzwords in trading circles.  Difference Between Listed and Unlisted Shares The main difference between listed and unlisted shares is […]