Why Should I Buy Research Reports on Unlistedkart?

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Unlisted securities are those that are not registered on any stock exchange and therefore are not traded on any formal exchange. Investing in these shares offers huge return potential. However, you can only unlock their value when these securities apply for IPOs. 

Usually, the price of the stock is an indicator of how well the company is performing. Yet, sometimes, the right value of the company might not reflect because of the optimism of the market, which is why people end up buying these shares at much higher price points. You might even see obscene PE ratios of 60-80. To make the best bet, it’s ideal to have a complete picture of the stock, its company, and its current market position. All you have to do to get this is buy relevant research reports on the Unlistedkart app.

These research reports offer you an overview of the company, the industry, recent market trends, news, and relevant publicly available information. Varying levels of detail are available, and while there is no industry standard when it comes to a format for these kinds of reports, the one by Unlistedkart tries its best to give you thorough and effective information.

These reports are derived from industry knowledge as well as secondary data research. With a board that comprises mostly ex-bankers, Unlistedkart understands the wealth management fraternity very well. The company has tailored these reports to make sure the best information is accessible to you.

In the report, you’ll find aspects like the shareholding pattern of the company and its recent private equity transactions. You’ll also get to see who the current Board of Directors and key personnel of the company are, and get a financial summary of the past 3-4 years. It doesn’t just end there. There are also reports on the market share analysis, as well as who the private and public sector competitors are. Check also annotated director holdings information, a risk analysis, details of current litigation cases, and a credit summary complete with charts and graphs!

Bear in mind that while due care has been taken in collecting information and preparing these reports, Unlistedkart may make forward-looking statements,

including observations about markets and regulatory trends. Forward-looking statements may include the use of words such as “expects,” “anticipates,” “believes,” or “estimates,” or the negatives of these terms, and similar expressions. Note that these forward-looking statements reflect Unlistedkart’s views as of such date with respect to possible future events. Actual results could differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements because of factors beyond ones’ control. 

Another thing to remember is that there is no assurance that any of these companies will go public any time soon. As an investor, you have to be prepared for that kind of uncertainty and risk. After all, this asset class involves a high degree of volatility and illiquidity. Besides, the shares invested in the unlisted space have a lock-in period of 12 months. Therefore, any decision to buy or sell unlisted shares should not be entirely based on the research report by Unlistedkart.