The Ultimate Unlisted Shares Price List

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The Ultimate Unlisted Shares Price List

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Unlisted shares have always been quite an interesting aspect to venture into. Those who are looking for shares outside of the conventional post-public offering always need to consider Unlisted shares as their best option.

Unlisted shares and securities if invested in the right manner provide returns like no other. To help you secure your investments, we have compiled an unlisted shares price list that will act as a guide to help you with your trading portfolio.

Here are few best Unlisted Shares Price List for you

Unlisted Shares Price list in India

This compilation is to give you a fair idea of what to expect in the Unlisted shares market. Explore the list below:

As of June, 22

Sterlite Power Tranmisssion Ltd945
Studds accessories1240
Tamilnadu Merchantile Bank545
TATA Technologies4900
Utkarsh Core Invest182
LE travenues technology112
Kannur International Airport116
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Where are unlisted shares traded?

Unlisted securities do not meet the criteria for listing on a formal exchange. This is why Unlisted securities are traded on the over-the-counter (OTC) market and are frequently referred to as OTC securities. On the OTC market, market makers, also known as dealers, make it easier to acquire and sell unlisted securities. There are many different ways to trade in unlisted shares. These include purchases of ESOPs from employees, online platforms like unlistedkart.com and others in a similar field. 

Unlistedkart is an online platform and application that allows the trade of unlisted shares. It lists the shares that are not available on your regular platforms like Kite by Zerodha or Groww. You will be able to find a vast selection of unlisted shares both pre-IPO as well as shares that are not considering IPO for a while. The app has been created with user convenience in mind. It is quite easy to manoeuvre through the interface and find what you are looking for.

We have also compiled a list of all the ways to trade in unlisted shares here- How to Buy Unlisted Shares: The Ultimate Guide


1. Which unlisted shares are best?

Unlisted shares like HBD financial or HDFC limited have proven to be quite useful to current buyers. But there is also no definitive answer to this question as every company has dynamic shifts and so does every investor. The best share for you to buy would be one that has proven to be useful to you specifically after thorough research

2. Can unlisted shares be sold?

It is quite easy to sell unlisted shares when they are for pre-IPO stock. By connecting sellers of these equities with purchasers of pre-IPO shares, there are numerous websites and portals that can be used to their advantage.

Selling shares of a private company that has no intention of going public might be challenging. Investors typically avoid private companies because they lack knowledge of the financials and operational details because the majority of the information about them is proprietary. However, businesses typically forbid the sale of their stock to unrelated third parties. Third-party platforms and dealers are your only option to sell here

3. How are unlisted shares valued? 

The fair market value (FMV) approach is used to appraise shares that are not publicly traded. FMV is determined by the underwriters or the investment bankers because unlisted shares don’t trade on the stock exchange and don’t have a real market price.